UNC-Chapel Hill students

Connect with other UNC-Chapel Hill students with an interest in Implementation Science who periodically gather together for networking and learning opportunities.

UNC Implementation Science Student Group

The Implementation Science Student Group (ISSG) is an organized group of graduate students from across the schools and divisions of The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill who have an interest in the field of Implementation Science. Currently, the ISSG host a journal club and an Implementation Science Seminar Series. Past presenters have included Dr. Dean Fixsen and Dr. Barbara Schober. | Contact the Implementation Science Student Group

LinkedIn groups

Connect with others who have an interest in Implementation Science through LinkedIn groups.

European Implementation Collaborative LinkedIn Group

The European Implementation Collaborative (EIC) aims to work with individual countries and regional implementation initiatives to make links and exchange learning about implementation within Europe and internationally.

Global Implementation Initiative LinkedIn Group

This group is a platform for sharing ideas, comments, questions, musings on all things implementation and their relevance in a variety of systems, regions, and contexts throughout the world.

Professional organizations

Connect with others who have an interest in the intersection of Implementation Science and Organizational Theory through relevant professional organizations.

Organization Theory in Health Care Association

The Organizational Theory in Health Care Association (OTHC) is the only U.S. association that is dedicated exclusively to research on health care organization and management.

Health Care Management Division of the Academy of Management

The Health Care Management Division is dedicated to understanding the role of professionals and organizations in providing health care both locally and internationally. Major focuses of research by divisional members include: the performance of health care workers and organizations; public policy issues, such as access to care, competition, cost control and quality of care, and their implications for managing health care organizations; health care finance and marketing; and empirical or conceptual application of theory to the study of health care organizations, even on topics that might also fall within another division’s domain.

Society for Social Work and Research – Organizations & Management Cluster

Home for work that focuses on organizational and management research within the Society for Social Work and Research. The organizations & Management Cluster is one of 25 programmatic clusters at their annual conference and it includes the following topical areas: Organizations & Management (O&M); Organizational Behavior, Adaptation, and Change; Management Science and Leadership Studies; Inter-organizational and Intra-organizational Collaboration and Networks; Implementation Science- Evaluation; Diffusion and Sustainment of Policies and Program Practices; Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation; Workforce Diversity; Inclusion and Wellbeing; Funding, Contracting; and Accountability, and Advocacy.