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Implementation Science is often described as a multidisciplinary field and many implementation science projects are enriched through collaboration. Learn more about collaboration and how to find your next partners in research.

Find a collaborator

Team Science at NC TraCS Institute

The NC TraCS Institute has a team of faculty and staff devoted to Team Science. Learn more about how they can help you find collaborators and build teams.

Stakeholder Network at NC TraCS Institute

The NC TraCS Institute hosts a diverse network of stakeholders interested in engaging in research in a variety of ways. These stakeholders are ready to partner with researchers to guide and advance relevant, sustainable, and feasible health research.

NIH RePORTER Matchmaker query

You can use this tool to find similar NIH-funded projects and possible future collaborators, as well as the study sections and institutes funding them. Enter an abstract or other scientific text and Matchmaker will return a list of up to 100 projects similar to the text entered. Matchmaker will also generate charts of the most common study sections, institutes/centers and activity codes from the list.

Learn more about collaboration and team science

Collaboration and team science: from theory to practice

In an effort to learn more about collaboration, L. Michelle Bennett and Howard Gadlin interviewed members of successful and highly productive research teams, as well as members of teams that did not meet their goals or disbanded due to conflict. This article explores the analysis and findings from those interviews.

Collaboration and team science: a field guide, 2nd edition (pdf)

L. Michelle Bennett, Howard Gadlin and Christophe Marchand updated the Field Guide to enhance the original and to provide additional information and insights gleaned from eight years of working with and learning from teams. This is a valuable resource for scientists participating in or leading research teams.