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grant-writing resources

Are you looking for insight into how to write a successful Implementation Science grant proposal? We’ve curated a selection of resources to help guide your proposal development.
General #ImpSci grant-writing resources

Concocting that Magic Elixir: Successful Grant Application writing in Dissemination and Implementation Research by Ross Brownson, Graham Colditz, Maureen Dobbins, Karen Emmons, Jon Kerner, Margaret Padek, Enola Proctor and Kurt Stange.

This article explores the core competencies of dissemination and implementation (D&I) grant writing. It also includes a compilation of tips for writing a successful D&I proposal. While geared toward the US NIH funding processes, the competencies and tips should prove useful for other funding agencies & mechanisms.

Tips for Getting Funded from the Users’ Guide to Dissemination and Implementation in Health for Researchers and Practitioners

Checklists, tools, self-ratings and guides for successful proposals in dissemination and implementation (D&I) research developed by Enola Proctor, Ross Brownson, Byron Powell, Ana Baumann, Ashley Hamilton and Ryan Santens; and adapted for the internet by Amy Huebschmann, Chase Cameron, Demetria McNeal and Russell Glasgow.

Writing Implementation Research Grant Proposals: Ten Key Ingredients by Enola Proctor, Byron Powell, Ana Bauman, Ashley Hamilton and Ryan Santens

This article summarizes the key ingredients of an implementation research grant application with examples of how preliminary data, background literature and narrative details can strengthen the application.

NIH proposals

Dissemination and Implementation Research at the National Cancer Institute: A Review of Funded Studies (2006–2019) and Opportunities to Advance the Field presents an analysis of NCI-funded DIRH grants and highlights areas in need of more research.

A review of policy dissemination and implementation research funded by the National Institutes of Health, 2007-2014 by Jonathan Purtle, Rachel Peters and Ross C. Brownson.

Implementation science in cancer prevention and control: a decade of grant funding by the National Cancer Institute and future directions by Gila Neta, Michael A. Sanchez, David A. Chambers, Siobhan M. Phillips, Bryan Leyva, Laurie Cynkin, Margaret M. Farrell, Suzanne Heurtin-Roberts and Cynthia Vinson.

Get to know your NIH study section

The Science of Implementation in Health and Healthcare (SIHH) Study Section reviews applications that identify, develop, and evaluate dissemination and implementation theories, strategies and methods designed to integrate evidence-based health interventions into public health, clinical, and community settings. Applications reviewed in SIHH should have a major methods, strategy, or theoretical development component in implementation science in order to understand how interventions are implemented and measure implementation outcomes in public health, clinical, and community settings.